ppvote Lite

Entry level interactive PowerPoint® voting software

It is just as important to receive as to give, especially when it comes to meetings and presentations. With the ppvote interactive voting system your audience will become as involved as you, participating and feeding back important and relevant information into your successful presentation.

ppvotelite questions are an integral part of your PowerPoint presentation, built directly into your PowerPoint slide-show. Modify your live presentations to your audiences’ wavelength by getting their reactions immediately.

Choose from a selection of question and graph styles that include, for example, a countdown vote where you want to limit the time they have to respond. You could even choose between showing the results immediately or holding back to reshow later in the presentation.

The results can be delivered in Bar, Column or Pie format and you choose the colour scheme to fit your presentation background. Show results in percentage or actual numbers of people, with or without text shadow in a text style to suit.

ppvotelite is simple to set-up, easy to use and very affordable as it comes complimentary with any NEW CLiKAPAD System purchase.

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