ppvote update v4.7

A new release of the ppvote software is now available to download.

Version 4.7 of ppvote includes a number of improvements in terms of compatibility and stability along with feature enhancements.

  • Full compatibility with latest updates (Nov-2019) to Office 365 and Office 2019*
  • Full compatibility with latest security updates (Nov-2019) to Microsoft Windows 10
  • Export to Excel improved, now faster to create the main Excel workbook
  • Matrix list of items can be pasted/imported with additional information from main risk register, e.g. Short name / your own risk identifier, owner, area, mitigating factors, etc.
  • Matrix graph loading and list loading speed increased
  • Matrix improved visuals on the main XY and Scatter graph to allow longer risk descriptions to show correctly on the axis titles/labels
  • Improved and more visible warnings shown when testing keypads if the licence has been removed / lost during IT department updates or cleanups
  • Confirmation dialog included with temporary licence activation to confirm the date of expiration is correct for the current use

Currently in support? 

If you have an active support subscription this update is available to you free of charge. You can see your current support status when you login to the downloads section of the website. 

Currently out of support? 

If you are out of support you will not have access to the ppvote v4.7 installer once you have logged in. However it is possible to download a trial version of the software by clicking here, if you install a trial version you will not be able to use this for live voting so please contact us first for your upgrade options.

* 32 bit versions of Office only (Windows OS can be either 32 or 64 bit)