ppvote v4.5.0 Release Notes

LITE/PROFESSIONAL: Improved UI including updated button graphics in all settings/edit screens

ALL: Voting data archived when deleted – able to be recovered by technical support if accidentally deleted or overwritten

LITE/PROFESSIONAL: Enhanced data export function including percentages along with the raw number of votes

LITE/PROFESSIONAL: Updated data export format, easier to read and improved visuals

LITE/PROFESSIONAL: Voting Slide setup improved to include Apply To All when making changes. Updates all slides in the current presentation for the following:

  • Votes cast box position
  • Vote type (count up/count down)
  • Count down settings (Timer and Manually start/stop votes)
  • Vote sounds

ALL: Presenter View catered for with warning message, automatically switches out of this mode to allow voting slides to run

LITE/PROFESSIONAL: If animations are disabled in the Presentation this can cause the correct answer “reveal” to fail, animations are now automatically re-enabled

ALL: Preview Pane no longer creates errors if enabled in Windows Explorer when viewing a PowerPoint file

ALL: Slide Shows that start with first slide numbered as 0 now produce a warning to the user as this prevents voting slides from loading

LITE/PROFESSIONAL: Cursor keys can be used to nudge the Votes Cast/Count box position from the editor

 LITE/PROFESSIONAL: On some templates when building a voting slide the answer text would appear in the footer of the slide as well as in the main content text box

ALL: Merge Voting Data by Slide ID or Slide Number option added to allow merging voting slides from different presentations that may have a different Slide ID

LITE/PROFESSIONAL: Vote sounds on a countdown vote start to time the close of the vote with the end of the selected sound clip

LITE/PROFESSIONAL: Export of demographic counts the votes for option 0 correctly, previously this would create incorrect demographic data for anyone in group “0”

LITE/PROFESSIONAL: Alt+Cursor Keys resizes the main chart box in Set Results Display from the Slide Editor (Alt+Shift+Cursor resizes more)

LITE/PROFESSIONAL: Reshow graphs can be made transparent in setup mode to enable overlay of 2+ charts to allow creation side-by-side charts

ALL: Main menu renamed from ‘ppvote’ to ‘CLiKAPAD’

MATRIX: Fixed bug when saving text data in a Matrix exercise (i.e. List items) with commas causing errors when reloading the exercise in some languages

LITE/PROFESSIONAL: Some reshow graphs would appear in a different position when setup to when run live, now fixed