How does an audience response system (ARS) work?

The CLiKAPAD ARS allows you to set questions which can then be answered by audiences using a handheld keypad. The information is gathered instantly and can be easily displayed.

What can an ARS be used for?

There is a huge range of uses for our ARS. Perfect for conferences, training sessions, workshops and risk assessments, the system can be used to gather feedback, carry out opinion polls, test knowledge and much more.

Can CLiKAPAD devices be used with PowerPoint?

Yes. The CLiKAPAD system is integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint allowed for a smooth and seamless transition from your presentation.

Can I hire CLiKAPAD devices or do I need to buy?

You can hire CLiKAPAD devices if this would be more suitable for you than buying. Please visit our Hire page for more details.

What is the maximum number of people that can be in the audience?

Theoretically one base station can collect votes from up to 4,095 keypads however it is not usually possible to get this number of people within range. So in events with huge audiences you would need additional base stations.

What is the maximum range of the CLiKAPAD voting system?

The maximum range depends on a range of factors. In theory the maximum is around 140 metres (or 460 feet). However issues such as electromagnetic interference (from Wi-Fi devices etc.) and physical obstructions (including people) can reduce the range. Please read our Max Performance Guide for more details.

How long do batteries in the keypad last?

The length of time will simply depend on how much you use the keypad. With light use (around once a week or less) the keypads will last for two years or more on the same batteries. However, if you use the keypads very regularly (three times a week or more) they may need replacing in around 6 months.

It’s also true that the way the keypads are used with alter how long the batteries will last. For example, batteries will sapped by using the pads in conjunction with a detector or sentry, or used over a wider range.


Technical Support Information

CLiKAPAD Diagnostic and Test Application; Designed for the CP3 hardware – Download (3.48 MB)

If you require technical support and you are not sure how to access the advanced features of the CLiKAPAD system using your voting application software please download and install the diagnostic and test application.

This will enable you to retrieve information about your system that may be required by our technical support engineers.

For technical support please call; +44 (0)3333 448 550 between 09:00 and 17:00 GMT (UK Time). In addition Local Support Services are operated by our family of Resellers / Developers around the world.

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