How does an Audience Response System (ARS) work?
The CLiKAPAD ARS allows you to create multiple choice questions which can then be answered by audiences using a handheld keypad. The information is gathered almost instantly and can be easily displayed.

What can an Audience Response System be used for?
There is a huge range of uses for our ARS. Perfect for conferences, training sessions, workshops and risk assessments.  The system can be used to gather feedback, carry out opinion polls, test knowledge and much more.

Can CLiKAPAD devices be used with PowerPoint?
Yes. The CLiKAPAD system is integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint allowed for a smooth and seamless integration of voting questions into your presentation.

If I need to, can I buy or hire extra keypads?
Additional keypads can be purchased or rented as required. Please note, rental is only available within the EU.

What is the expected battery life of a keypad?
With general usage the battery will last around 12-18 months.

What type of batteries and where can I buy them?
The keypads are powered by standard CR2032 round cells, cheap to buy and easy to find at other retailers as well as being available direct from us.

What is the range of the receiver?
The maximum range of the receiver is 140m (460ft). However there are environmental factors which should be considered, which could impact range. Our support team can offer detailed guidance relating to maximising the range.

What is the maximum number of keypads you can use?
This is almost unlimited. Our keypads have been used at events with upwards of 2000 delegates.

Do I need WiFi or an Internet connection?
No, our system uses a USB receiver plugged directly into the PC.

What is the warranty?
All systems have a 3 year return to base warranty (excluding batteries).

Is the software licence annually renewable?
No, it is a permanent licence. You own the software. However, you are able to upgrade to a different software level should you wish to. Cost will be dependent on which level you require.

Can I use it with my Mac?
The software is not compatible with Mac OS and will only run on a Windows operating system.  However you can run Windows on a Mac computer, there are various options for this including the built in Boot Camp utility included with Mac OS or using a 3rd Party solution such as Parallels.  Both of these options work with our voting system.

Can I upgrade the software and are all software levels compatible with the same hardware?
Yes, if you decided you want more functionality you can upgrade the software at any time and the new software will work with your keypads.

Your competitor offers free online support
We pride ourselves on the quality of support and level of service we offer. Our support subscription provides support via phone, email and remote PC access and ensures you can speak directly to a member of our technical team. We can also screen share with you to allow us to see the problem first- hand and, in many instances, fix any problems there and then. You also have access to the support email, our initial response time is no more than 4 working hours.

How do I place an order and how long is the lead time?
All orders have to be placed in writing. We need either a formal PO, online acceptance of the quote using the link provided when a quote is requested, an email confirming that you wish to place an order. The system will be despatched within 3 working days from receipt of payment.

What are the payment terms?
Payment is required prior to despatch unless special agreement is in place.

What are the ongoing costs?
There are no compulsory ongoing costs other than replacement batteries. You also have the option of our annual support package or additional coaching if required.

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