Classroom Response System

classroom response system by CLiKAPAD

CLiKAPAD technology works brilliantly as part of an academic environment, and they can be used in lots of ways to enhance the way you teach, assess and receive feedback on what is being taught. Our classroom response systems are often used as a part of a continuous education programme to increase engagement with the course material, to enable the course leader to perform quickfire quizzes to test the students’ knowledge and to collect feedback on the teaching methods and course content. Knowledge retention is enhanced by the sense of active participation with our response systems.

The way it works is simple. To make sure everyone is fully engaged with the material and understanding what they are being taught, the teacher or professor can present questions to the students throughout their lesson or lecture. Instead of the classic awkward silence, everyone will get the chance to respond to the question electronically, giving the teacher a more representative look at how well people are understanding the material. This is a valuable way to help students engage with the curriculum and for teachers to track the progress of their classes and identify any weaknesses.

The CLiKAPAD classroom response system is also an easy way to collect valuable feedback at the end of a module or course. While not everyone will feel comfortable speaking up to voice their concerns personally, using CLiKAPAD gives everyone the chance to have their say anonymously and the results will be collated immediately so you can address any concerns. For example, sensitive questions about whether they liked your teaching style will be answered honestly and you will get far more responses than by requesting spoken or written feedback, which is much more useful for everyone.

CLiKAPADs are also used in corporate training environments or outside the classroom as a way to improve knowledge retention through active participation in the teaching session. The system is portable, so it can be used throughout a learning establishment, and it can be used flexibly to fit into your teaching programme.

For more information about the CLiKAPAD response system, get in touch today and we will be happy to discuss your requirements in relation to its use for any events.

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