PowerPoint Voting System UK

If you are using presentation software but wish you could somehow bring your slides to life, ppvote is the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s a powerful audience response system designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft’s PowerPoint® software.

ppvote-deliversPowerPoint has long been the industry standard tool for creating and delivering presentations to groups of people, whether they are delegates at a conference or students in an academic lecture. Unfortunately, until recently there has been no facility in the software to create an interactive PowerPoint presentation which would allow for some form of engagement between the speaker and the audience to take place.

With ppvote, this issue has been successfully addressed. The ppvote software integrates with PowerPoint to enable the presenter to embed interactive content that synchronises with a CLiKAPAD audience response system, in effect creating a full PowerPoint voting system.

Benefits and Applications

Working seamlessly with PowerPoint, ppvote makes it possible to present truly interactive voting slides, and this has been proven to dramatically increase audience engagement and add a new level of interest to your presentations.

Whether you’re speaking at a training event or at a business conference, it is essential to keep you’re audience interested in what you have to say – something that is often easier said than done in practice! By adding the element of interactivity to your PowerPoint presentation – literally making voting in PowerPoint possible – your event quickly becomes a two-way communication between you and the audience.

Risk Heat MapThe ppvote software is simple to use and fully compatible with all CLiKAPAD audience response system hardware. Once installed, you are able to take ad-hoc anonymous audience polling data in PowerPoint to give you valuable instant feedback. You can use PowerPoint interactive voting to conduct on the fly market research. And it is even possible to tailor your presentation to your group’s specific level of knowledge, having ascertained their understanding at the beginning of your presentation with the help of PowerPoint audience response voting features.

With ppvote and CLiKAPAD as a PowerPoint voting system, the possibilities are truly endless, so much so that you are bound to find any return to the old world of one-way lecture-style presentations a most unappealing prospect.

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