3 Tips For Teachers Struggling With New Technology

If you’ve recently decided to take up our service here at CLiKAPAD and integrate our Audience Response Systems into your university teaching methods, we’d be delighted to learn about your experiences with this groundbreaking technology. While we expect a huge amount of our customers to be inspired by the technology and notice the benefits instantly, we also realise that it can take some time for traditional teaching methods to gel with new ones.

It’s not uncommon for teachers struggle with technology, especially if you’re given a substantial list of new teaching methods that incorporate the use of laptops, smartphones, tablets or even our own ARS devices. Whether you’re already finding it difficult to handle the burden of new technology in the lecturing hall or you’re planning on including it in your latest teaching plan, here are a few tips to help you see technology as something that should be embraced in an academic environment.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Try and make an effective plan surrounding your use of technology throughout the year to avoid completely overwhelming yourself with a new device or technology every lesson. You might find that using new technology too often can slow the development of your teaching, so try and spread things out and make the most of one specific resource until you feel it’s time to move on.

Be Prepared to Learn

It can be difficult getting to grips with new technology for some time but this is all part of the learning process. There are likely to be many individuals in lectures or classrooms that are also unaware of how to utilise technology and get the most out of it, so you can use your time wisely and create an introductory session that explains the role of the technology you are using.

Seek Encouragement

If you are seriously struggling with technology and feel that your inability to adapt is affecting your traditional teaching methods, seek encouragement from people who know technology inside out. Building or recommending a tech team is a great idea as you can contact these guys whenever you feel you’re struggling. Having a team of reliable experts to contact, whether it’s a tech team or suppliers such as us here at CLiKAPAD, can encourage you to embrace technology and make it a regular part of your academic environment.