Audience Response Systems – Keypads vs. Apps

Audience Response System Keypad

If you are interested in an audience response systems you have two options: a physical keypad system, or an app. It might not be immediately clear which is right for you, so we have compiled this audience response system comparison to help you make sense of the differences between the two.


It can be the case that a traditional audience response clicker system is initially more expensive than an app. However, it is important to understand a key difference in how the systems are paid for. With a keypad system you typically pay one large payment upfront, and you then own the system to use as you need it.

Audience response clicker systems do not have any further costs beyond this initial outlay. On the other hand, while an app won’t have this initial large setup fee, you will be paying ongoing fees for the use of the service. This can end up working out as very expensive if you use the service for a long period of time.

Notably, you also have the flexibility to hire a physical system.


One of the major advantages of an audience response clicker is that they do not require an internet connection to work. This means in areas where the Wi-Fi signal is patchy, or if there is no internet at all, clickers will still work as normal. Generally, an audience system response app will require a Wi-Fi connection at all times in order to function.

Additionally, physical clicker systems are able to easily handle large workloads; instantly and accurately storing data from up to 2,000 users at a time. Some audience response apps are not capable of this level of data gathering.

Logistics and management

Audience response system smartphone apps are all very well in theory, but don’t forget that if you want people to use the app, you’ll need to get them to download it to their phone. Trying to manage this from a logistical perspective can be extremely challenging. Even if you have previously put out a notice that the audience needs to download the app.

Trying to then synchronise the app and make sure everything is working accurately in the moment can be stressful.


When you have an audience response system set up, you will be provided with the time of a technician. Technicians can offer training and information on how to get the most out of your product. The support staff will also be on hand to provide you with any further details that you might need.

With apps this isn’t always the case, and you should look into how much support you can actually rely upon the provider to offer.

If you would like to learn more about audience response systems and how they could benefit you. The team at CLiKAPAD would be happy to help. With years of experience in the industry, we would love to provide you with any details you’re looking for.