How Is Technology Changing the Way We Advertise?

A major part of today’s business marketing strategies fall under the mobile microscope. It is now essential for businesses to take full advantage of mobile devices when looking to advertise with a significant number of searches taking place on mobile phones.

In addition, social media is playing a bigger role than ever in attracting new customers or clients, with over-the-phone introductions and name cards no longer the only way for people to find out about a particular business or service.  So how exactly has technology, including Audience Response Systems, impacted on modern marketing strategies? Here’s some intriguing facts and figures:

Mobile Marketing

  • 46{f95b937bccd4f37d09446e413feed6e03a7ef9beec59b2e882b4aa48416839e7} of companies have a mobile version of their site and {f95b937bccd4f37d09446e413feed6e03a7ef9beec59b2e882b4aa48416839e7}30 more intend to expand to become mobile friendly
  • 25{f95b937bccd4f37d09446e413feed6e03a7ef9beec59b2e882b4aa48416839e7} are already using mobile advertisements
  • 43{f95b937bccd4f37d09446e413feed6e03a7ef9beec59b2e882b4aa48416839e7} have mobile apps available to download

Social Media Marketing

  • A third of companies are managing their own social media outlet
  • 43{f95b937bccd4f37d09446e413feed6e03a7ef9beec59b2e882b4aa48416839e7} have their own online community
  • 59{f95b937bccd4f37d09446e413feed6e03a7ef9beec59b2e882b4aa48416839e7} use blogging sites such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate with their target market

The Role of Audience Response Systems

Audience Response is another huge part of the modern marketing technology drive. New ways to deliver information, track audience opinion and collect data received that is related to the business have made it much easier for business to know what their audience wants. With the help of fellow technologies, Audience Response has grown considerably and now has a significant say in how effective a marketing strategy becomes.