Resolver Ballot Risk Assessment Workshop Alternative

A number of people have recently reached out to us looking for an alternative to the Resolver Ballot voting tool used for risk assessment workshops. They have reported to us that Ballot is now an end of life product that is not available to new users. Additionally, we have been told that after summer 2024 existing users will no longer be able to renew their subscription.

At CLiKAPAD we supply voting keypads for us at events, meetings and workshops. The devices have buttons 0-10 and can be used to submit votes in a large number of scenarios. In this article we will focus on the use of voting when evaluating risks.

In addition to the voting keypads, we offer a browser-based solution that enables voting via smartphones, tablets and computers.

If you already have a set of CLiKAPAD keypads, we can supply the software to work with those.

Our ppvote Matrix software was written with risk in mind. It is designed to allow workshop participants to rate a list of risks against up to 9 assessments. At the end of the voting process a heatmap is automatically generated. It is also possible to view the scatterplot for each risk that has been rated and where necessary risks can be discussed and re-voted with the heatmap being immediately updated.

Graphing, fonts and backgrounds are all user defined, so the various views can be brand compliant. Additionally, the ability to set your own preferences will allow you to create a Matrix process that feels familiar to your participants who are used to your Ballot workshops.

All voting data can be easily exported to Excel at the end of each workshop and all graphs can be exported as images for inclusion in your workshop report.

There is plenty more functionality to explore including benchmark data, postal votes, demographics, categories and a list reduction method. We’d be delighted to walk you through the product in more detail.

Please contact sales@clikapad.com for more information

Click here to watch a quick software overview video.