Audience Response System Rental: Dry Hire Plus

CLiKAPAD - Handset ImageWhen it comes to renting an ARS, although we specialise in providing a Fully Managed Service we understand that some of our clients want a cost-effective, hands-off solution. It may be that they have an in-house technician with ARS experience, or are simply using the system for a straightforward purpose that doesn’t require monitoring by a dedicated assistant.

Even if this is the case, we don’t simply leave you with the equipment and go. We are committed to making sure our clients have a seamless experience, which is why we offer our Dry Hire Plus package.

What does our Dry Hire Plus package include?

If you opt for Dry Hire Plus, you will receive the following:

  • Audience response keypads and USB receiver(s)
  • Licence to use the ppvote software
  • Technical presentation guidance, including recommended question formats and suitable voting and graph types
  • Professionally programmed voting slides with an unlimited number of voting questions
  • A 30-minute online coaching session that covers editing questions and running a live session
  • Equipment delivery at least 3 working days before your event
  • Online coaching 2-3 days before the event to give you time to practice

In our experience, this package provides a cost-effective way for our clients to manage their ARS themselves, while still providing initial support to get your presentation set up smoothly.

Dry Hire Plus FAQs:

Is there a minimum or maximum number of keypads I can hire?

The minimum number of keypads we supply with our rental packages is 20 and the maximum number is simply how many keypads we have available. We have provided individual keypads for audiences of 2000 people in the past!

Do I need a reliable Wi-Fi or internet connection?

No. Our system is designed using a USB receiver that you plug directly into the PC, so you won’t require any internet access to use a CLiKAPAD system at all. This makes our equipment particularly useful for roadshows, outdoor events and training coaches that won’t necessarily be sure of the venue facilities before they arrive.

Is CLiKAPAD voting anonymous?

Yes, if you want it to be. The system automatically assigns an ID number to each keypad, but you do not have to register a username, giving voters anonymity. However, names can be registered if you wish, or you can track participants by demographic. In any of these cases, it’s possible to track response trends across multiple questions.

What is your rental pricing structure?

No two events are quite the same, so we offer pricing structures to suit both day-rental and long-term rental options. For more information about pricing for a specific period, please give us a call.

Audience Response Systems can be integrated into a wide range of events, from quizzes, training workshops and corporate conferences, to theatre productions, staff surveys and televised debates. At CLiKAPAD, we are especially proud of the work we put in to make sure our technology and service is exceptional.

For more information or to make a booking, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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