Audience Response System Rental: Fully Managed Service

CLiKAPAD - Handset ImageAt CLiKAPAD, we specialise in providing a completely bespoke service, applying our years of experience to come up with tailored solutions to each client brief. Our Fully Managed Service offers you complete peace of mind, as our expert technicians will take care of all aspects of the Audience Response System so you can focus on running your event.

We have supplied Audience Response Systems to a huge range of events, from corporate conferences and training workshops to televised debates and theatre productions. We understand that each project has a unique set of requirements, which is why we are more than happy to create a package that fits your brief perfectly.

What does the Fully Managed Service include?

We always work as hard as we can for our clients, but with a Fully Managed Service our team go above and beyond. With this package we typically include:

  • Audience response keypads and USB receiver(s)
  • Expert advice on the best question format, voting methods and results presentation imagery
  • An unlimited number of voting slides that have been professionally pre-programmed by our technical team
  • Integration of advanced features such as multi-level demographics, multi-criteria voting and keypads with weighted/proxy votes
  • An experienced Audience Response Technician who will handle the ARS setup
  • 2 laptops to run your presentation (one for the session and a backup)
  • Complete management of the ARS through the event
  • A KVM Switch if required
  • A post-event report which includes the voting data in Excel

Of course, your project will have its own specific requirements that we will be happy to accommodate. Simply get in touch to discuss the details of your event.

Fully Managed Service FAQs:

Do I need a Fully Managed Service?

Many of our clients choose a Fully Managed Service so they can be assured that their audience participation section will run smoothly. It takes any pressure off of your team in regards to the ARS so that you can focus on other urgent aspects of the day.

However, if you have an in-house technician that is happy to manage the ARS system, we also offer Dry Hire Plus. Unlike other providers, this option still includes plenty of support and technical assistance, so you may find this is better suited to your plans.

When is an Audience Response System most effective?

Our Audience Response Systems are incredibly versatile and can be used to keep audiences engaged in all kinds of situations. CLiKAPAD is commonly used for staff surveys, town hall meetings, product launches, event feedback, risk assessment, audience polling, training and assessment and team quizzes.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and are always eager to use our system in new, creative ways.

What if I’m working in a very specific environment?

We have worked across many different industries and in all kinds of environments, so we may already be equipped to deal with the particulars of your project! We’ve worked in live TV studios, theatres, roadshows and much more (read our case studies for some ideas) and are prepared for working in tight spaces, to time-sensitive requirements and within confidential corporate arrangements.

Why choose CLiKAPAD?

We are exceptionally proud of the system we have created and the supporting service we provide at CLiKAPAD. Our proprietary software, ppvote v4, and lightweight keypads are intuitive and easy to use, while the technical support continues to delight our clients. Because of this, we’re not afraid to be honest when we think our system isn’t exactly what you need – but we’re usually confident that a CLiKAPAD voting system can do everything you want and more.

For more information about any of our options, including a Fully Managed Service, contact us today.

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