Audience Response Systems for Market Research

Audience response systems for market research

In years gone by the methods for carrying out market research, collecting data and analysing the collated results were drawn out and laborious. It was often an incredibly time-consuming process trying to get feedback from customers or clients and what’s more results were all too often hit and miss in their accuracy.

Nowadays however businesses find that they can get clear, accurate and relevant feedback in a much more timely and useful fashion thanks to CLiKAPAD audience response systems. Our voting keypads and ppvote software allow anybody to garner the reactions of a group, large or small, instantly and accurately, displaying the results there and then, if required.

Whether you want to ask specific questions of your audience or you’d like to get a quick poll of opinions on any given topic, CLiKAPAD audience response systems allow you to collect the feedback you need and the results are integrated into your PowerPoint presentation which can be displayed instantly or stored for the report. The possibilities really are limitless and we’re confident we can tailor an audience response system to suit anyone, no matter how diverse their needs.

If you want to carry out audience research that provides accurate and instantaneous results then get in touch with CLiKAPAD today and find out how our audience response systems can help your business.

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