3 New Technologies to Benefit Your Business Conference

Business owners use conferences as the ideal opportunity for networking and this allows for the exchange of contact information with fellow entrepreneurs.

Introducing your brand in such a way to potential customers is one of the best ways to get your word out. However, all of this can become a whole lot more technology if you’ve neglected to keep up with the latest technologies. Here are some of the essential conference tech you’ll need to equip yourself with before the day arrives…

Apps and Notifications

Location-based marketing has given marketers the opportunity to keep attendees fully up-to-date with the latest news related to your product or conference if they are within a certain distance of the meeting area.

All the attendees need to do is have location services enabled on their smartphones. You could even use a special app to provide news and announcements to attendees, straight to their mobile devices.

High-Tech Projectors

There are now high-tech projectors available for you to make the most of, most of which are entirely different to the projectors available at business conferences of the last decade.

They are now far more sophisticated, especially at corporate gatherings and tech-based conferences. Cloud projectors can connect users directly to the home server so that content can be distributed in this way.

Using tablet or smartphone-based presenting is one of the most effective ways of establishing yourself as advanced beyond the laptop-projector combination of the old days.

Audience Response Technology

Audience Response Systems are a hugely beneficial way of gauging the reactions of your interest during a conference. Whether the event is large or small, you can integrate a complete system that’s suited to your specific goals and requirements for the conference.

Voting keypads can provide reliable feedback from each person, with the old-fashioned show of hands having a tendency to encourage a room to follow the crowd.

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