3 vital technologies to consider for your next conference

Audience at the conference hall

Technology is such an important part of our daily working and social lives – but conferences are often significantly behind the times in terms of integrating technology into the talks. Of course you need to focus on the quality content of the speeches so you don’t want the technology to overshadow the event, but there are still plenty of ways to introduce technical innovations to improve your performance. Whether you’re running your own conference or are just giving a talk, here are three technologies that you can use to provide extra value and impress your audience.

Facebook Live

It’s now very common for conferences to be active on social media – setting up a hashtag and encouraging guests and speakers to use to get involved online. But one social media innovation that could be used far more effectively is Facebook Live.

The technology is integrated into the Facebook so it’s extremely simple to use and it’s a great way to get your conference message to a much wider audience. Make the stream available on your Facebook page and show people exactly what they are missing. The ready-made video is then available to watch at any time.

Audience response system

An audience response system, or ARS, is anothCLiKAPAD CP37 Voting Keypad imageer piece of technology that can be easily installed at a conference. It is the perfect tool to encourage audience interaction and participation, improving the quality of the talks and engaging with those in the room. Whether you use the ARS to get instant feedback, to take a quick poll or to collate the responses to questions, it can help to enliven any conference.

Charging stations

Many conferences last all day and organisers are often very keen to have everyone involved on social media all day. Of course this can be a huge drain on smart phone and tablet batteries, so it can be a great idea to provide free charging stations. This is a nice touch that can improve the mood of the audience and make it easier for everyone to stay online all day.