3 ways to get genuine feedback from your employees

Woman in election with ballots and ballot box

It’s universally understood that getting feedback is an excellent way of improving just about anything, but it’s particularly true in a business environment.

It’s common for hierarchy and professionalism to result in a disconnect between managers, processes and the experience of people at ground level. This can slowly and silently affect morale and performance which, in turn, impacts the bottom line.

Keeping lines of communication open is essential, but how do you know if your employees are simply stating what they think you want to hear? Here are three essential things to remember.

1 – Make it anonymous

It’s natural that your employees might be nervous about giving candid feedback in case of repercussions, like being singled out for their opinion. By allowing feedback to be given anonymously, this fear is eliminated.

2 – Lead by example

If your employees are under the impression that their managers don’t give them honest feedback, they’re not going to feel comfortable giving it. Foster a culture of delivering constructive feedback when employees are doing well or could improve and you’ll find it comes back around.

3 – Let them prioritise

Collecting suggestions about the areas that need improvement is all well and good, but you also need to think about how you’re going to respond once you have the list. Creating a second-round of feedback where employees can vote on how important each issue is and allows you to prioritise in a meaningful way.

The CLiKAPAD voting system has been used by countless organisations to collect, analyse and report on employee feedback. Whether you’re conducting a company-wide survey of hundreds of employees or simply need a fast, effective way to organise your risk management meetings, our Audience Response System provides anonymous results, real-time discourse and multiple voting options.

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