CLiKAPAD: Even Sky is not the Limit

CLiKAPAD Audience Response Systems Used on Sky News Image

We were delighted to be featured on Sky News last night, where our Audience Response System supported the channel’s debate about the future of NHS funding (you can watch the highlights here, or click the video link in the image above to see our Audience Response Systems in action).

The client’s brief was simple: They needed a reliable, easy-to-use voting system that would work on live television without a hitch. Audience members would have one minute to submit their vote before the results would be broadcast, leaving no room for error.

We have complete confidence in the reliability of our handsets and software, and were very happy to take this project on. Our years of technical experience means that we were able to provide the perfect setup first-time, which was essential.

CLiKAPAD systems in action

Following a very insightful debate, audience members were asked to share their opinion on the over-arching question: Should increases in NHS funding be paid for exclusively out of higher taxes?

As you can see in this clip, participants have no difficulty using their individual CLiKAPAD voting handsets to quickly cast their choice. The results are then available just moments later, integrated seamlessly into the on-screen graphics.

Why choose an Audience Response System (ARS)?

In situations like this, an ARS is an extremely useful tool.

Prior to the live show, a straw poll was taken to assess the audience’s initial beliefs about the issues at hand. The data taken in the final poll would allow analysts to compare the success of both sides of the debate, potentially even seeing which demographics changed their minds the most, thanks to the options available in our ppvote software.

It’s easy to see why anonymous voting, rather than a show of hands or a coloured placard, is beneficial too. Nobody has to openly admit which side of the debate they support or feel self-conscious about changing their minds by the end of the session.

Instead of dealing with assumptions and estimates, the speed and accuracy of an Audience Response System enabled presenters to work with real, hard data in a live setting, making it all the more compelling and informative.

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