5 Tips for improving your presentation slides

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Break up the monotony by injecting some personality and professionalism into your presentation slides. Tweaking just a few features is easier than you might think, and will help your message engage your listeners.

1 – Refresh your template

Do you ever stray from the default slide template? Now is the time. Choose an alternative design with a clear, simple layout that can be modified to echo your company branding. There are plenty of options available in PowerPoint, but you can also find options online that are styled to suit particular forms of content.

2 – Embrace icons

Small, clear images of what you’re talking about will help your audience visualise it. Consider using icons in headers or instead of bullet points to literally illustrate each point – just make sure your icons are all from the same set to give a consistent look.

3 – Update your font

Nobody is impressed by Arial or Times New Roman any more. You should have a typeface that is used consistently across your company – your presentation slides shouldn’t be an exception.

4 – Stop using animations

Animated transitions are distracting and a waste of time. If you deliberately want to reveal information in steps, stick to the simplest “appear” motion to bring your slides up to date.

5 – Integrate live data

Nothing captures an audience’s interest more than information they can relate to. Incorporating quizzes and polls by using an Audience Response System is a great way to collect data from your audience, which can instantly be displayed on your PowerPoint slides with the help of our ppvote software. This gives you relevant data to talk about during your presentation and makes your listeners feel closer to the information.

At CLiKAPAD, we work with a broad range of clients to help them bring their presentations, training sessions and business meetings to life. For more information about how an Audience Response System might boost your pitch, contact us.