Audience Response Systems at Office Christmas Parties

Audience Response Systems are wonderful tools in the commercial environment, from corporate gatherings to product launches, but they’re also more than capable of playing a part in some of the more light-hearted office experiences, especially with Christmas approaching…

Office Christmas parties are an excellent opportunity for work colleagues to enjoy themselves and there really is no better way to inspire your office-based celebration than with a fun and competitive quiz night.

Our Audience Response Systems are just as efficient when it comes to assembling an office quiz as they are with important business conferences.

Here’s how the Audience Response System is integrated into a Christmas quiz night:

–          Each player receives one of our clicker keypads

–          The questions appear onscreen in the form of a PowerPoint presentation

–          Using the wireless clicker, players select their chosen answer

–          A graph is then instantly displayed on the PowerPoint to show how the group has fared with their answers

–          The correct answer is shown and the good-natured banter among the audience commences!

The great thing about our Audience Response Systems is that you can display answers in an instant; moving through the quiz in sufficient time for you to fully enjoy the night.

There are also many different variations you can adopt with regards to the quiz itself. You could make it a multiple choice format or just a straight, one-off answer depending on the situation; perhaps if two players are neck-and-neck towards the end of the quiz.

The clicker systems themselves can also be integrated into the spirit of the game, with the fastest response to a question getting extra recognition and possibly some helpful bonus points.

Audience Response Systems work really well at Christmas office parties, so why not make it a feature of your upcoming office celebration and get in touch. We’d be delighted to hear from you.