Back to University with CLiKAPAD

In just a couple of weeks, students all across the country will be returning to University, or maybe this is their first taste of freedom with the excitement of the notoriously fun Freshers’ Week.

Whichever year students will be starting this autumn, it’s important that lecturers and teaching staff are prepared. If you are still working on your lecture plans and figuring out exactly how you’re going to tweak your teaching style for your new classes, you might like to consider incorporating a CLiKAPAD system into your lectures.

It’s easy to see why the CLiKAPAD system works so well for students. Firstly, the current generation of uni-goers are incredibly skilled with technology, so getting to grips with these easy-to-use keypads will be a breeze. It’s also an exciting novelty incorporating this relatively unique equipment into your lectures, and active engagement with a topic (in this case, casting votes in quizzes and other similar activities) is shown to improve knowledge retention to improve grades.

It’s also a welcome break for students to be able to do something to break up a long afternoon in a lecture theatre, and is more likely to keep them alert and interacting with the content of the lecture if they are constantly having to think about what is being taught.

Lecturers have an easy way to see how well the class as a whole is understanding the content, and it might even be useful to take a note of each student’s response keypad and correlate the responses with each student so you can track the progress of individual students and identify any weaknesses before they spiral out of control.

CLiKAPAD might just be the best way to go with your lectures this year, and we encourage enquiries from any educational establishments, professors and lecturers who want to know more about how to use the system as a way to deliver the curriculum.