Big Data: The Key to the Bigger Picture

Thanks to smartphones, smartwatches and the thousands of devices linked to the Internet of Things (IoT), people are connecting with each other in more ways than ever. From wi-fi enabled plugs to fridges that can restock themselves; interactivity and automation is simply everywhere.

Amongst all the convenience these gadgets provide, it’s easy to forget what they’re doing in the background; collecting, storing and using data. The huge volumes of information collected by devices all around the world is what we call “big data”, and it’s really, really useful.

How does big data relate to my presentation?

You know those consumer feedback surveys that used to be found on front desks? The ones where responses had to be manually collated to discern how shoppers, guests or event attendees responded to your product, service or presentation? Well, big data is the modern equivalent, except it’s streamlined, digital and there’s a lot more of it.

Using an Audience Response System (ARS) at your event or presentation is the contemporary replacement of those feedback forms. They offer a straightforward way to gain insights from thousands of people in a very short space of time, while all of the information is electronically fed into accurate, digestible graphs. Deployed strategically, an ARS can gather huge amounts of feedback at a staggering rate of ROI.

Why is this useful?

The information you gather is exceptionally valuable, and can be used to improve the operations of your business, whether that’s down to getting large-scale customer feedback about your products, a clear picture about the demographics of your audience or understanding at which points consumer attention dropped off. In these cases, the more data you have, the more accurately you can plan your response – would you rather hear from 50 customers or 1000?

Over time, the big data you collect can be used to produce better advertising, stronger marketing campaigns and more relevant products overall – maximising the revenue of your company.

How do I start?

That’s easy! If you have a conference, presentation or event coming up, contact our team to discuss your requirements. Equally, if you would just like some more information about how a CLiKAPAD response system could be used to help you gather data at your event, contact us for experienced advice and recommendations.