Decision-Making that’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

People at a meeting

At least once, we have all walked out of a meeting and wondered if anything was actually achieved.

Usually, it’s one where more people than usual attended, and something important needed to be agreed. Suddenly everybody is given a slice of the limelight, and between clashing opinions and personalities, the discussion spiralled away from the main point and no conclusion was reached.

If only there were some way of gathering a group of responses in a calm, quiet and well-ordered manner… some sort of system for audience responses… like… an Audience Response System?

We have found that these frustrating and tedious scenarios have been substantially improved by the introduction of a CLiKAPAD Audience Response System (ARS), as it offers a quick, organised way for everyone in the room to provide feedback on a project, idea or presentation without interrupting each other or derailing the flow of discourse.

It’s quick, quiet and anonymous

When staff from every corner of the company get thrown together in a room, it can be difficult for some people to “break rank” or speak their mind for fear of professional repercussions. Answering on a keypad is much more discreet than raising a hand and speaking in front of a room full of people, and will make sure that quieter employees or those that do not usually have a voice are heard equally. On top of that, pressing a button is much faster and quieter than listening to people talk over each other!

Complete versatility

No matter what you’re presenting, be it a new website, a business decision or an office re-shuffle, there are a multitude of ways to incorporate interactivity with an ARS. For example:

– Using numbers or letters to identify the parts they liked the most
– Ranking the areas which need the most improvement
– Choosing a topic for further discussion
– Prioritising the options most important to them
– Voting to choose between multiple versions
– Answering a quiz on their understanding following a presentation

No training required

Unlike a lot of survey software, an ARS requires very little (if any) training or experience before use. The handsets have a familiar-looking, intuitive interface, and once you have explained how you intend to integrate them into the meeting, they are exceptionally easy for all members of the company to use.

So, next time you notice there’s a chaotic meeting coming up on your calendar, why not give us a call to see how we can take the stress away for you.