How happy are your employees?

How happy are your staff?

Your IT systems are in check, and your inventory has never looked better – but what about the condition of the most valuable asset in the company: your staff?

In order to promote engagement, productivity and growth, it’s essential to understand the satisfaction levels of your employees, and whether the company can do anything to make their workplace experience more positive. Staff satisfaction surveys are common in modern workplaces, and while there are numerous methods of collecting data from your teams, using an Audience Response System is, in many cases, the fastest and easiest option. Benefits include:

  • Survey results being instantly available; there’s no need to collect paper forms or compare online submissions before delivering the results to line managers and department heads.
  • A higher rate of response compared to paper or e-surveys, thanks to a group setting.
  • Respondents feel more anonymous than filling a survey out by hand, or clicking on an emailed link, and therefore provide more honest answers.
  • Better accessibility for employees that are not stationed at computers, or are uncomfortable with digital technology.
  • The speed of constructing your survey using a familiar-feeling software, compared to composing and distributing a physical or online survey.

Tips for conducting your survey:

Keep it easy to digest

Write your questionnaire in a light, informal tone – it’s not a test, and your teams should feel like the company is under the spotlight, not them. Aim for around 20-30 questions (any longer and engagement will start to wane), and phrase questions in a clear and unambiguous manner.

Provide statements, not questions

“Yes/no” questions are limiting, while open-ended questions will be difficult to collate. A statement accompanied with a numeric scale allows respondents to express their strength of agreement or satisfaction. This system will also make it easier to calculate average scores and rank issues in order of approval. Our keypads provide options from 0-10, though you may want to consider using an even scale to remove the option of a “middle ground”

Compare satisfaction with importance

If you’re asking employees to rate satisfaction, don’t forget to ask them to rank how important those features are – maybe your meeting room facilities are excellent, but if your teams care more about parking availability, you need the full picture.

Don’t name and shame

Make sure your surveys are completely anonymous – and that your staff know this – otherwise your staff won’t be comfortable providing honest responses, which will defeat the point of the survey.

Capture your audience

Embed demographic questions within your survey, allowing you to easily explore how different parts of the company feel, while maintaining anonymity. You could ask about management level, length of time at the company, office locations, departments etc.

Show that you’re listening

Follow up after the survey results have been considered, and let your staff know what steps are going to be taken in response to their feedback. If you don’t, they won’t feel like they’ve been listened to and are less likely to respond in future.

For more information about buying or hiring a CLiKAPAD Audience Response System, please contact us – we’d love to help!