How do CLiKAPAD systems work?

While we talk a lot about what you can use CLiKAPAD for, you may not actually know exactly how these brilliant systems work to improve your voting, training and knowledge retention rates. Now is your chance to find out all about CLiKAPAD so that you know exactly what you’re doing the first time you get your hands on one of our fantastic little remotes…

When you have a big group of people and want to collect their votes, it’s really important that it’s done as quickly and efficiently as possible. So, how do you do this? If you’re used to paper voting, where each person in the group fills in a paper form to cast their vote, this may seem impossible. However, if you want to revolutionise the way you vote forever, the solution is electronic.

Each person in the audience should be given their own CLiKAPAD voting pad. You can either record which remote each individual person has to collect results which correspond to individuals, or you can do the entire thing anonymously if you don’t need to know who voted for which option or if confidentiality is important.

You then present questions on a PowerPoint presentation, which voting options incorporated into the slides. Once all the votes have been cast by pressing the corresponding button on the voting system, they are collected by a receiver device. You can present a graph which displays the results in an easy to read visual form so that everybody knows the results immediately without any time consuming waiting.

Once you have these results, you can either choose to discuss them there and then as a group, or you may want to hide the results from the audience to be analysed in private. After the voting session, you can track the votes cast by each keypad if you have chosen to relate all the votes to each person, meaning you can find out more about the opinions of individuals throughout the voting session.

If you like, you could even use the graphs created in future material, such as promotional material, brochures or reports of the group meeting. This way, you will instantly have top quality, perfectly accurate material which is perfect for analysing long after the meeting has finished.

For more information about the CLiKAPAD system or to get a quote for hiring or buying a set of devices, please get in touch today to discuss your options.