Electronic voting at conferences

When you hold conferences, how do you usually go about getting opinions from everyone present? Do you ask everyone individually? Do you ask for written responses to questions? Or do you simply ask for a show of hands? You have probably found that none of these methods are efficient, and you might be looking for a better way to gather the opinions of a large group quickly.

For conferences, you can’t do better than a CLiKAPAD audience response system. This is the quickest, easiest way to collect responses from a large group, such as those found at a conference. Social pressure, especially where controversial topics are concerned, can lead to inaccurate votes, as people may not feel comfortable sharing their opinion publicly on what could be considered a private issue.

That is why giving people a way to keep their vote private is so essential. If people don’t feel that they can give their honest opinion at a conference for fear of being judged, the responses will ultimately be useless, or at least inaccurate. This means it might not be worth conducting the vote at all, so it is best to offer everyone the chance to give their true opinion for the sake of the validity of the results.

Furthermore, collecting responses electronically means you can address issues much more quickly and effectively at the time the votes are cast. Rather than waiting until the next meeting to discuss the votes which were collected in private last time, and then analysed, you can present the results on the screen so that everyone instantly knows the result of the vote and what this might mean. The results can be discussed as a group, and any further issues raised there and then to speed up the decision making process.

It is also handy to have the graphs produced as part of the PowerPoint presentation for future reference. These can be used in the next conference for anyone who was absent in the last, or by way of comparison with previous or more up to date responses. This way, you can run your conferences much more efficiently and make the most of the time spent with all the industry professionals.

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