Making training days easier

There are lots of ways you can make your workplace training days run smoothly, and most of them involve the correct planning. By spending just a little time to fully plan your training day, it’ll be much less stressful when it comes to the day itself, so that everyone gets the full benefit of the training session and learns as much as possible from the day. Check out our tips to make your next training day a breeze.


Firstly, make sure you have all the resources you need prepared well in advance. Don’t leave it until the morning of the session to track down the brilliant training video you found six months ago. Have it loaded into the player and ready to play at the appropriate point. Also make sure you have enough (working!) pens, scrap paper and printouts of anything anyone might need.


Come up with a stimulating blend of activities that will appeal to everyone. An entire day of talking at a sea of blank faces isn’t going to be memorable or useful for anyone, so mix it up with group activities, discussions, debates, written activities, videos and role play so that everyone can learn in their own way and participate in the training.

Knowledge retention

If you want to help everyone remember the topics you’re covering, it’s important that you get them to interact with the material and engage with the information you’re presenting. CLiKAPAD systems are shown to boost knowledge retention by making everyone engage with the material and think about their answers, so think about hiring a CLiKAPAD system for your training day.

Speaking up

There is little more painful than presenting to a room where nobody is willing to answer your questions or get involved, so instead try getting people to discuss ideas in groups and nominate one person to report back to the room about those ideas. That way, nobody will be put on the spot and everyone will have something to say without having to panic and bluff an answer.

Guest speakers

Don’t just get any old person along, but hiring a guest speaker can greatly improve a training day if they are relevant, charismatic and genuinely interesting. It might be customer service, health and safety or marketing; whoever it is, check with other companies who have had them to speak at a training event to make sure they will keep everyone interested.