How to improve your product launches

Product launches are a great way to engage people with your product, especially if it’s a new product or something very interactive, and it can work for all sorts of products, whether it’s technology, a car, food, beauty product or almost anything else. However, it is important that we always strive for improvement, so check out our handy tips to improve your next product launch.


It is very important that the right people attend your event. Don’t just bump up the numbers with irrelevant people, and instead think carefully about curating a sensible guestlist. This might include business contacts past, present and hopefully future, people from the industry, people with experience developing products like yours or even people with marketing contacts to create a powerful team of invitees.


Don’t just let people turn up to enjoy the free snacks and champagne. Make sure they interact with the product by giving them a sample or by ensuring there are enough models around for them to play with so that they can get a feel for the product and test it out. You could also use a CLiKAPAD system to get people to give feedback on the products in a quick, unobtrusive way so that you can use this feedback for future product development.


It might sound obvious, but make sure you’re generous with your refreshments. You don’t want to look stingy, so keep the drinks flowing and the snacks abundant. If your guests are going hungry and thirsty they will be less likely to stick around, so keep them well fed and their drinks topped up to keep them around for longer.


You need to think long and hard about where you will hold your product launch. Obviously if it is in a car showroom or an art gallery, it is tied to a specific place, but if not, London may be your best bet, or another large city such as Manchester or Birmingham. This will catch many of the influential people working in your area so that you don’t miss out on the attendance of people unwilling to travel somewhere small and obscure just because it’s local to you.