Audience Response Systems for Exhibitions

Audience response systems for exhibitions

If you’re unveiling a new product at an exhibition, or perhaps announcing an exciting new service, you’ll want to make sure that audience engagement is as high as possible. To get the most from your launch you need your customers to be involved and CLiKAPAD have the solution.

We provide audience response systems that allow you to accurately judge the reactions of your crowd on the spot, without the need for a lengthy collation of data and time spent analysing the results. With CLiKAPAD your crowd can answer whatever questions you throw at them, individually and as a whole, and their feedback can be reviewed there and then or afterwards, consolidated with other delegates views.

In exhibition spaces around the world CLiKAPAD audience response systems are being used for measuring feedback and our systems can be tailored to fit your individual needs, no matter how diverse they may be. Get in touch today to find out more and experience for yourself just what a difference a CLiKAPAD system can make to your exhibition.

If you are unveiling a new product/service at an exhibition or organising a “Product Beauty Contest” then you will want to gauge accurately the audience reaction to these products/services.  Resource your product introduction plan with meaningful research collected from your own people during the event using CLiKAPAD Prioritizer

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