Common Myths about Audience Response Systems

Clikapad systems for conferences and events

Have you ever considered using an audience response system (ARS)? If not, it could be the case that something has put you off the idea of utilising this sort of technology. Here are some common myths about ARSs and the truth about them.

Myth: It isn’t cost effective

Some people worry that buying a full audience response system would not be cost effective as they would only use it a limited number of times. While the ARS from CLiKAPAD is competitively priced, we understand that not everyone will get enough use from an ARS to make buying a sensible option. That’s why we offer the option to hire the system. Whether you just need it for a single day or want to use the system for a few events, you can rent the CLiKAPAD ARS at excellent prices.

Myth: Setting up an ARS is complicated

Some people like the idea of using an ARS, but are put off because they believe it will be too technical and challenging to set up and use. While there is undoubtedly a degree of technical setup involved, we have found that our ARS system is easy to learn and you will be used to it in no time. When you buy or hire an ARS from us we will provide you with support and guidance, and we can even offer additional coaching sessions to ensure you are fully up to speed.

Myth: They are only useful at conferences

ARSs are often used at conferences as a way to poll the audience or provide a greater level of interactivity during sessions. However this has led a lot of people to believe that an ARS can only be used during a conference or presentation. But this isn’t true and the CLiKAPAD system can be used in a huge range of environments including workshops, risk assessments and staff training sessions.

Myth: ARSs aren’t suitable for large events

While ARSs are popular at conferences there are some who think they are only effective in small group sessions and are not really suitable for larger events. This isn’t the case. A CLiKAPAD system can receive thousands of votes and there is always the option to use additional receivers, so even in very large venues, ARSs can be very useful.