How Can Audience Response Help with Risk Assessment?

Risk assessment is a critical task for many businesses. It is the duty of an employer to ensure that they adequately plan for any risk that could be encountered by their workers. An audience response system (ARS) will help you develop broader and more comprehensive risk assessments, as you are able to involve staff in the creation of the assessment and ensure that all of the bases are covered. Here’s how an ARS could help you with risk assessment.

Fast, accurate data gathering

Undoubtedly one of the most important resources when creating a risk assessment are your employees. They will have a great understanding of the areas where they are most at risk. Using an ARS, you can quickly and accurately gather data from all of your workers. During a workshop or assessment meeting you can set up questions and staff can respond on the handheld clicker devices.

Take a group approach to risk assessment

An ARS can not only be used to gather data on risk – it can also provide information on potential solutions too. Getting your whole team involved ensures that you are incorporating everyone’s opinions, knowledge and concerns. This allows you to find more effective ways to mitigate risk.

Rather than having to spend a significant amount of time gathering the information from each member of staff individually, you can get all the data simultaneously. This will save you a lot of time and effort as well as providing more accurate results. The results from each vote can be instantly displayed on screen driving discussion in your workshops.

Export your results to Excel and PowerPoint

You can also sync your ARS with Excel and PowerPoint. Exporting the raw data to Excel gives you the ability to instantly update your risk register with the gathered data. The graphs and heat maps generated by the ARS system can be incorporated into PowerPoint to allow you to give highly professional and attention-grabbing presentations.

A more effective plan of action

Being able to gather all the data at the same time ultimately means your risk assessments will be more effective – they will take more worries into account and provide a broader variety of ways to deal with those risks.

Whether you hire an ARS for a one-off risk assessment workshop or you purchase a system for regular assessments, it could be a huge benefit to your business.