January Highlights at CLiKAPAD – A TV Appearance!

In January we saw our CLiKAPAD systems being put through their paces.

One highlight was seeing the voting keypads on TV! ITV used CLiKAPAD keypads for the audience vote on their new show – Get Your Act Together. The voting software used for the broadcast was created by Kinetic Pixel.

We’re always delighted to see successful projects being run by new developers.  Kinetic Pixel reported a super fast response rate from the keypads, collecting 400 votes in under 2 seconds.

One set of keypads travelled to Mozambique for use in training. Another went off to a brewery for use in a fun quiz for their staff.

We also supported a six venue roadshow of stakeholder workshops, where the keypads were used to rate the long-term priorities for an electricity distributor. Rating Votes were used to measure the importance of a list of priorities. Rating items allows you to see the voting results for a number of items on the same slide as average scores.

They also used Sequence Votes, which is a process where more than one item can be selected from a list. Weightings can also be applied, so the delegate’s first choice is worth more points than their second and so forth.

Of course there were plenty more events taking place using multiple choice voting and instantly displaying results live on screen.

We’re looking forward to plenty more exciting projects throughout 2015.

For more information on our voting keypads and clicker systems, contact us today on 03333 448 550 and find out how they can benefit your conference, event or exhibition.