Audience Response Systems for Risk Assessment Workshops

Any risk management program requires a mechanism for highly effective risk assessments. By organising a workshop with your employees, your organisation will be able to capitalise on any events that may occur in future.

Without a detailed risk assessment process, your organisation will find it difficult to adopt a focused approach to risk mitigation. A well-run risk assessment workshop will usually incorporate the following:

  • A list of priorities related to risk
  • A plan of action for each risk
  • An in-depth discussion related to each individual risk
  • The relative importance of each individual risk
  • A thorough understanding of how current protocols fail to meet risk mitigation requirements

So what can CLiKAPAD do to assist the productivity of your Risk Assessment Workshop? With the help of our handheld clicker systems, you can quite easily construct a risk map that outlines your concluded risk assessment.

The data you collect can then be stored, allowing you to compile detailed, accurate and attractively presented data in the form of a graph. This data can then be exported to Excel so that colleagues, staff members and employees can revisit the compiled information at a later date.

CLiKAPAD allows you to obtain a quick and accurate overview of the implications of each risk, making our technology the perfect tool for risk assessment workshops.

To find out more about our handheld clicker systems and how they can help your Risk Assessment Workshop, call us today on 03333 448 550.