The Five Basic Methods You Should Adopt for Your Next Market Research Project

CLiKAPAD are delighted to offer businesses the opportunity to further their market research capabilities with the help of our Audience Response Systems, as well as provide plenty of advice and information related to the basic methods and most beneficial techniques to use when carrying out market research.

Market Research in a Nutshell

The vast majority of businesses take on a number of basic methods when planning market research, focusing on interviews, observation, group discussion, surveys and trials.

In most cases, your choice of method as well as your business priorities will determine the techniques you use. Here’s what you can expect to implement into your market research:

  • Observation – Observational research gives you more of an accurate view on how customers might use your product in comparison to surveys and questionnaires.
  • Trials – You can advertise your products in genuine selling conditions and see what kind of reception they get by analysing their appeal to potential customers.
  • Interviews – Similar to focus groups, a series of open-ended questions aimed at your target market offers plenty of vital information.
  • Surveys – Questionnaires that are distributed widely so that you can collect and analyse a substantial amount of results before coming to a well-informed conclusion are also beneficial.
  • Focus Group Discussion – putting together a set of questions surrounding specific topics that ultimately lead to a detailed discussion among a focus group. ARS makes it easier to gather accurate information from group discussions and saves you having to use more than one group to achieve balanced results.  With the aid of a voting system results from live polls are collated in seconds and displayed instantly on-screen, generating interest and discussion from the group.

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