How To Motivate Students In A Learning Environment

Getting your students motivated enough to participate in a lesson, seminar or activity can be quite difficult, so coming up with ways to do so beforehand is an essential preparation method for any teacher, lecturer or project manager.

Audience Response Systems are an excellent tool for engaging an audience and promoting their inclusion in an activity, especially as the data collected by our clicker systems can be displayed through the use of software applications such as PowerPoint. However, there’s more to teaching than just incorporating audience response.

The trick is to engage your audience by encouraging participation with fun or exciting tasks or activities. Whilst this can be challenging with such a wide range of interests to cater for, there are ways you can promote an engaging environment which will subsequently motivate your audience.

The fact is that no one likes to feel as if they are inferior to someone else. This is what often keeps students, especially teenagers, from engaging in a classroom activity or building a strong relationship with their teacher or lecturer.

A teacher should focus a lot of their time, mainly during the introductory stage of a learning process, inspiring their students and making them realise that they are worth listening to.

A strong persona and an influential attitude towards work can contribute significantly to a student’s motivation, so you should look to create a positive impression as soon as teaching begins. Stay, vocal, display your passion for the subject, maintain an energetic appearance and look as professional as you can.

In most cases, older students will look to be impressed and motivated by the way in which you conduct yourself, the superior knowledge you possess and the general attitude you have towards the subject.

On top of this, it’s important to remember that no student is the same, so working with individuals and encouraging their development separately can help to keep certain individuals on the right track.