Our Clickers Are Great For Risk Assessments

Risk assessment presentation

When it comes to running a company you might think that clients should receive the fullest attention at all times. However, taking care of your employees and those closer to home should be a top priority. Risk assessment workshops can be carried out every now and then through a meeting to discover whether or not your employees think you are doing enough to keep them safe and free from harm in the workplace. It can be difficult to get hold of this information from such a large group of people. This process can be made easier by using our clicker systems here at CLiKAPAD.

Why use clickers for risk assessment workshops?

The first thing our clickers let you do is collect information. If you’re addressing multiple work colleagues and need to obtain their opinions on a specific question, they can use the clickers to provide their answers instantaneously. This information is then collected and presented through an attractive data presentation on a computer.

With our clicker systems you can export the data to software that is available on a company server. For example, you can export data to an Excel document so that employees can easily access the information. What’s more, CLiKAPAD can be synced with PowerPoint so that attractive graphs can be created once you’ve obtained the results. Graphs are an excellent way of creating discussion within a meeting environment. With graphs risk assessment can be thoroughly analysed and understood by everyone at your company.

So if you decide to pursue our services here at CLiKAPAD, you can easily gather vital information together during a risk assessment and come to a swift and accurate solution regarding the most important health & safety aspects of your working environment.

For more information on the benefits of clicker systems in risk assessment workshops, contact us today on 03333 448 550 or fill out your details with a summary of your enquiry on our Contact Us page.