ppvote v4.3.1 Released

The latest update to ppvote has been released.

The installation/update files can be accessed from the downloads section of the ppvote website or via the ppvote auto-update module.

New features available in this update include:

…Series votes can now be run as countdown votes to match with all other vote types (i.e. standard, object, ratings)

…Updated count up, count down and series vote indicators – new font and labelling introduced

…Series vote indicator is now the same size and format as all other vote indicators

…New series vote calculation/score method, shows a graph with percentage score calculation based on number of people in audience who selected the option vs the total number of people in the audience

…Silent un-install option enabled

There are also various enhancements and fixes to the core of ppvote, full details of all changes can be found in the changelog file included with the update/install of ppvote v4.3.1