Our Audience Response Systems at Events

Clikapad’s audience response systems are great at capturing the enthusiasm of an audience, so much so that they prove to be extremely successful at events and other marketing shows. Not only are they great for bringing an audience together, they also provide you with the opportunity to collect reliable feedback that you can produce as constructive research.

The CLiKAPAD voting keypads are designed to give the audience member a reference point to your event, as they can provide their opinions on things you talk about throughout.

In addition, scientific research has show that a simple show of hands is often affected by people following the crowd. So how else can our ARS help to shape your event to be more successful?

Transform The Way You Present

Our CLiKAPAD system lets you completely transform the way you perform in front of your audience, as the majority of your event will integrate the thoughts and opinions of your audience. Making an audience feel involved is essential nowadays, so being able to change the way you present information to include your crowd could be the major difference between making a positive impression and losing the interest of your audience.

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Presentations are a great way of visually presenting your work and with CLiKAPAD you can integrate your statistical findings with the PowerPoint to show the audience the results of their feedback. Not only does this make the audience feel even more involved in your research, it also provides your presentation with fast, up-to-date information that people are going to believe and understand.

If you’d like to learn more about our ARS technology here at CLiKAPAD and how it could benefit your next social or marketing event, get in touch today by calling 03333 448550 or you can leave a message on our Contact page and we’ll provide a swift response. We look forward to hearing from you!