Conference Confidence – Tips for speakers

Business woman lecturing at Conference.

Before you speak at a conference you need to feel confident in your voice. If you are new to public speaking, or you have struggled in the past with a faltering voice interrupting you as you give your presentation, it can be a great idea to warm up your voice before your talk.

The best speakers will always warm up their voice to ensure that they have the fullest range available for emphasizing and ensuring a strong vocal tone throughout. If this is something that you have never done before it can feel a little unusual, but to make a great impression at a conference, this is important.


One of the most important ways to warm up is to hum; this gets your vocal cords used to changing pitch. Humming for a few minutes gets your voice ready for talking for an extended period. And you can also use this time to loosen your jaw by moving it around.

Tongue twisters

It’s not just your vocal cords that you need to warm up before speaking at a conference, you also need your tongue and lips to be ready to work hard. Get them ready for a talk by practicing tongue twisters; this can be great for your diction too. Some great tongue twisters for warm ups include:

  • Irish wristwatch Swiss wristwatch
  • She sells seashells by the sea shore
  • Red lorry, yellow lorry


It is also important to remember to stretch and loosen your body before your talk at a conference. You might think that you only need your lungs and your mouth in order to talk, but your whole body needs to be ready for your period of talking.


Now that you’re ready to speak at a conference how about you increase your audience engagement using an Audience Response System.