Audience Response Systems in the workplace

Group of business people working with digital tablet in office

With technology continually on the rise, the workplace is fast becoming a hive for the latest gizmos and gadgets. Long gone are the days of fax machines and dial-up internet – nowadays, it’s all about having super-fast fibre broadband and a streamlined phone system.

In today’s day and age, companies need the latest technology in order to keep up to date and stay relevant. Whether it be one-touch scanning from your smartphone, or the latest in computer operating systems, many companies are now always on the lookout for new technologies to improve their workplace environment.

One such technology comes in the form of an audience response systems (ARS). These systems are not only fantastic at gathering large quantities of data quickly and easily, but they also enable offices to monitor their staff’s feedback. How, you ask? We take you through it.

Anonymous Voting

It can be difficult in meetings to hear everyone’s voice and opinions on certain matters. Normally one or two people are much louder than others, leaving quieter members of staff who are less comfortable speaking out, with less of a say. ARS systems prevent this, giving each member of staff the opportunity to vote on issues anonymously. Plus, since the results show up on screen immediately, nobody can dispute the way in which people have chosen to vote.

Staff Training

ARS systems are a great way of tracking progress during any staff training days. For instance, after each training module, you can use the system to ask a series of questions that test what they have learnt. This can be especially useful when training staff about health and safety procedures, for example, as you can ask specific ‘what would you do if…’ or ‘how would you respond to…’ scenario-based questions to test their learning.

Risk Assessment

Every office requires a risk assessment, so who is going to understand where the potential risks are in the workplace than the staff who actually work there? Using Audience Response Systems enables staff to contribute their ideas quickly and easily, automatically collating answers in an infographic format. This, in turn, enables the dedicated health and safety team to identify how staff voted, allowing them to make any relevant changes.

Staff Quizzes

Audience Response Systems aren’t just great for the day-to-day office tasks – they can be used for fun reasons too. For many years, gameshows like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire have used ARS systems to gather audience feedback. Why not do the same in the workplace? The office Christmas party needs a quiz after all, so what better way to inject a bit of fun into it. You can either show staff responses individually or as a whole, if you’re after more of a team game.

If you are looking to incorporate an ARS system in your office or workplace, you’ve come to the right place. Here at CLiKAPAD, our audience response systems have helped a number of businesses function more efficiently, gathering large sets of data both quickly and easily. Get in touch with us today for further information.