3 Ways Audience Response Systems Benefit New Employees

Audience Response Systems can be incorporated into any presentation as a means of engaging your audience. However, the trick is to apply proven techniques so that your presentation turns into a memorable experience. When it comes to adult learning, your audience will appreciate a combination of helpful learning concepts and engaging participation activities and exercises.

Team Building

Team building plays a huge role in bringing together your new employees and ARS promotes interaction between your audience members and helps to construct new working relationships. Use ARS to discover the particular sub-groups and separate groups for discussion exercises. Team building may also include some competition, whereby ARS is incorporated into a PowerPoint presentation to form a topical quiz.


You can use ARS to gather all kinds of information about new employees, including what they might be thinking about the business and where they stand in terms of knowledge and understanding. You can use a combination of accurate surveys and statistics through ARS technology to create learning activities for each specific individual so that they are well-informed and equipped to hit the ground running.

Knowledge Assessment

ARS can also be used to assess the knowledge levels of your audience, thus giving you the opportunity to adjust your distribution of content or timeline to suit the needs of your new employees. Pre-assessment questions can be asked and responded to using clicker systems and tell you exactly which topics require more time than others.

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