The Three T’s – 3 Tips to a Successful Business Exhibition Trade Stand

Running your own stand at a trade show or exhibition can be hard work, yet fundamental to the success and promotion of your business. While it’s not something many people enjoy, it’s certainly worth embracing to really make the most of an excellent opportunity. From major, professionally-organised exhibitions to table-top shows, here’s what your trade stand needs to take things to the next level…


Running a stand feels like a full-time job at times, so it’s important that you have a team of professional, well-informed and knowledgeable sidekicks alongside you to help run the stand during the exhibition. Your investment will seem worthless if you’re the only one who is operational, so it’s important to work out shift patterns and have your stand fully motivated and operational on a constant basis.


CLiKAPAD’s Audience Response Systems are capable of taking any business exhibition trade stand to the next level. Our clicker devices can be used to transform public statistics into credible evidence and information. When the exhibition comes to a close, the statistical information you have collected regarding your product and/or business can be stored, digested and mulled over during a business meeting at a later date.


Organising your time on the day of the exhibition is essential, from being able to setup, plan and deliver your product in time to getting a good parking space. A lack of timing leads to panic, which can turn into disorganisation, such as forgetting vital materials, lunch and other important belongings. If you’re pitching to an audience, test out your speech and see how long it lasts. If you know you’re going to be late, put your backup plan into action and make sure someone arrives on time to set up.

Audience Response Technology will be extremely beneficial to any trade stand at any exhibition, so make sure you get in touch with CLiKAPAD today to find out how we can help your business thrive.