How Business Events Are Shaped Using New Technology

If you compare the offices of the 1970’s to what we see with businesses of the 21st century, it is quite easy to identify the technological advances we have experienced over the last few decades.

This progress has led to many organisations thriving with the help of a vast array of beneficial tech resources, including those specifically suited to promotional business events. Here are some examples of technology’s influence on business events in recent years:

  • Audience Response Systems have flourished in the business environment; providing speakers at events with the opportunity to communicate with their audiences and take opinions on board during presentations. Their affiliation with PowerPoint presentations has made it easy for extensive, accurate data to be collected and presented to a boardroom after the presentation is complete.
  • Interactivity has reached new heights thanks to the business versions of the very latest operating systems developed by both Apple and Microsoft. iPads and tablet computers can be used on stage during a presentation to relay information on a larger screen and dictate what is addressed during an event.
  • Business Events were previously advertised through PA communicators, whereas now the presence of social media has made it extremely straightforward for businesses to let consumers and target audiences aware of an upcoming business presentation.

There’s no doubting the impact of technology in business, whether that’s in the office or on stage at a business event. To find out more about your upcoming stage presentation can benefit from our clicker systems, call CLiKAPAD today on 03333 448 550.