3 Marketing Tips to Avoid the Summer Slump

Whether you’re organising a comprehensive business stage presentation, a networking event or simply looking to advertise your business successfully over the summer, it’s important to adopt an effective marketing strategy that complies with the higher demands experienced over the summer. Here are three helpful tips you can sue to ensure your business is just as successful over this period as it as for the rest of the year…

Tip 1 – Social Media

Always keep your social media channels well up-to-date to keep your audience enthused and aware of the fact that you are very much active over the summer. Promote the improved weather conditions where possible and have some fun with the standard summer themes such as holidays, music festivals, topical events etc. The depth of your content will also promote a far better performance further down the line as far as marketing is concerned, so don’t abandon your blog!

Tip 2 – Experiment with New Marketing Techniques

Whether that’s inheriting Audience Response Systems to engage an audience during a business conference or branching out through networking events and improving on media channels, there are countless ways for you to adjust your marketing strategies to bring a breath of fresh air to your business.

Tip 3 – Take Advantage of Local Events

The summer may be a time to spread your wings and seek further insight into lands beyond our own shores but when it comes to spending hard-earned money, most consumers and clients will be keeping their options close to home this year. Use local news outlets to stock up on helpful content that keeps you in touch with clients who are staying local, whether that’s a local music festival or a school sports day.

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