How to Impress Guests at a Product Launch

If you’re launching a brand new product it can be a great idea to host a product launch event to generate interest, get people in your industry aware and find new potential customers. But to make the most of your event it’s important to ensure your audience is engaged and actually interested in the product itself, rather than using it as a simple opportunity for free networking. So let’s look at some of the best ways to do this.

Structure the event

A good product launch needs structure. Setting a few tables around with your product on them and simply allowing attendees to wander around and talk to each other doesn’t really encourage them to take an interest. Set out a timetable with activities such as the launch speech as well as product demonstrations and other events.

Also make sure that you don’t allow scheduled moments to coincide. For example, it’s a really bad idea for the serving of the food and drinks to happen at the same time as the main speech. You want everyone to be focused on the product for the majority of the time, but getting them to multi-task will simply divert attention.

Keep the speech interesting

While we’re on the speech – this is one of the most important aspects of the evening that you need to get right. It needs to be interesting and relatable. Don’t talk about the technical details of the product; that might be what interests you, but it’s not what interests your customers. Instead, they will want to know how your product can enhance and improve their lives.

Don’t let the speech do on too long, either. A good speech gets people intrigued but allows guests the opportunity to go and have a look as soon as possible afterwards. Getting bogged down in the background and creation process of the product doesn’t really serve anyone.

Get interactive

Another fun way to get guests engaged with the product launch is to ensure that the presentations are interactive. You can do this by giving each guest a handheld audience response system device. This can then allow them to answer questions during the presentation. If there are multiple colours available, for example, you could seek to establish which is the most popular. Asks guests which colour they are most likely to purchase and then show the results.