Three Tips For Training With Audience Response Systems

Making notes at presentation

Revolutionise your employee training sessions by using an audience response system (ARS). Here are three great tips to help you get the most from an interactive voting system.

  1. Interactivity encourages engagement

If you’ve ever tried to take a training session with employees you’ll know that they can be a tricky audience. Take a subject like health and safety – it is essential information that employees need to
know, but many will see it as a waste of time to take a training session on it. The best way to keep things interesting is to improve interactivity and you can do this easily through an ARS.

Once the attendees are engaged in the presentation itself you can impart more information and enjoy a fun learning environment.

  1. Quick quiz questions

An ARS is a great way to quiz the participants as a part of your training session as you go along. After each section of the training session, have a few multiple choice questions.CLiKAPAD-prioritizer-keypad

Ditch the stuffy pencil and paper tests – they’re just a waste of stationery – and let your trainees answer questions in real time so that you can check that everyone’s following along. The fact that you can collect anonymous data also means you don’t have to embarrass anyone who hasn’t quite got it right.

  1. Gamification

Training sessions aren’t always a lot of fun and if the topic is relatively dry, it can make sense to liven things up. Gamification is a great way to do this. Use elements of game playing to get the participants interested and engaged in the subject matter. Challenges and team games that involve problem solving can add to the team-building atmosphere and make sure that everyone feels included.

It’s smart to break up a lengthy training session with this sort of activity. Place the games at intervals to space out the lectures and you’ll see the benefits of better attention for attendees.