How to Organise a Conference

If you’ve recently been handed the monumental task of organising a conference, your anxiety might be fuelled by the prospect of having to cover such a substantial to-do list.

You’ll need to locate a venue as well as assemble all the necessary materials and technology. On top of that, there’s the guest list and the refreshments menu to consider.

If you’re filled with regret at having volunteered to adopt such a task, use the following guidelines to help recognise your skills and ultimately organise a successful conference meeting.

Step 1 – Plan

The plan is an essential part of any major event, incorporating a written agenda and a summary of goals that you hope to achieve with the end result.

Consider what it is you hope to accomplish and what kind of impact you’re looking to have on your guests. Planning always relieves any stress you would have had beforehand, giving you a sturdy platform to move forward with the project.

Step 2 – How Much Can You Afford?

There’s a budget to every conference, so it’s important to think about your priorities and not splash the cash before you’ve realised what it is that’s most valuable to the meeting.

Consider the funds available and divide this among the various aspects of your conference, prioritising things that are essential to the success of your conference e.g. the venue itself, furniture or Audience Response Systems.

If you’re not working alone, be sure to address your assistants regarding your budget to avoid over-expenditure.

Step 3 – Locate A Venue, Materials, Technology, Menu etc.

Venues require plenty of research, with the convenience of the location, parking options, transportation, nearby hotels and the number of guests all playing a part in your final decision. It’s important to acquire a venue that your guests have easy access to.

Materials and technology may contribute to the structure of your conference, such as with ARS technology that allows your guests to contribute to lectures, data collection and so on.

The menu should be available to all your guests as they can’t go an entire conference without a snack. You can hire a catering service if this is preferred, whilst any dietary requirements should also be taken into account.

Step 4 – Rehearse

The conference day can be quite daunting, especially if you’ve done all the organising yourself. To quell any last minute fears, visit the venue a day early and meet some of the staff there. Make sure everything is in place beforehand and make any changes if you feel it necessary.

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