5 Useful Benefits of Having Audience Response Systems at Training Days

Training days are an essential part of the corporate world as we look to give new or inexperienced staff members the opportunity to settle in and discover the ins and outs of work, whether it’s in a team or as a business collective.

As a speaker, your job is to ensure that all your trainees have taken the information you’ve provided onboard. They should leave feeling confident about the various aspects of the company, its location, data protection, health and safety and so on.

Having Audience Response Systems available gives you the opportunity to keep track of your audience and find out exactly where they stand from their level of understanding to their personal opinions and contributions.

Having the option to engage with your audience in this way is a huge benefit during any training day. Here are five benefits associated with having voting systems at hand during a training day:

–          They give you the opportunity to monitor your audience so that you can bring up anything that might be less understood later on in the day.

–          They provide you audience with the chance to offer their opinions discreetly

–          You can gather answers instantly or as soon as you ask a question and then store those answers for referral at a later date

–          You can introduce straightforward teambuilding quizzes to help encourage a communal spirit within the training group

–          You can display the information you collect from voting systems and clickers on a PowerPoint presentation if necessary

By utilising these benefits of Audience Response Systems, any future training days will incorporate unprecedented levels of interactivity between an audience and the speaker with far greater levels of response and engagement taking place as a result.