Tips for Conducting a Workshop

It’s important for many individuals, not just business leaders, to be aware of what it takes to conduct an effective workshop. Participants in your workshop will obtain new skills and information and should come away feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Audience Response Systems are used widely in modern-day business workshops and have promoted a participants ability to interact and learn actively. Here’s what you need to remember when conducting a workshop…

Define Your Objective

You should outline the goals of your workshop first, whether you are teaching a skill or providing the participants with specific information. Consider what you want people involved in the workshop to learn and think carefully about what it is you are hoping to accomplish. You will end up listing a few specific skills that will be focused on.

Know Your Audience

Do the workshop participants know each other? Will they possess the knowledge required to contribute in some way to the workshop or are they new to it completely? Are they required to be there as part of a training programme? It’s important to know your audience prior to the workshop and it will also dictate how you organise your workshop.

Prepare Participants for the Workshop

If you want your participants to be reasonably experience din the topic beforehand, provide some resources to work with a few weeks before. You need to clearly state your intentions when handing out any form of “homework”. Make sure they know how their home studying will benefit the workshop.

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