Benefits of Audience Response Systems in Industry

Audience Response in the Commercial Environment

Audience response systems have already been used widely as interaction devices for large groups of people in meetings or conferences. They give people the opportunity to get involved with questions asked during conferences both equally and discreetly. The handheld devices are often distributed beforehand and provide the audience with multiple choice options which can potentially contribute to fair and trusted surveys.

Audience Response in Group Scenarios

There are a huge amount of benefits from having audience response systems in group scenarios. They are capable of maintaining the attentiveness of an audience, whilst they also promote enjoyment and interaction, especially in conference or educational scenarios. The level of interaction that comes about as a result of audience response systems contributes significantly to the awareness of the audience, making the overall topic of the conference more memorable.

Examples of Audience Response Systems in Industry

Industries are already taking advantage of audience response systems to improve overall efficiency, so where exactly have they been used to full affect and how could they change the face of an entire industry in the future? Here are a few examples of where audience response systems could thrive:


There’s no doubt that education is an industry that could benefit hugely from the introduction of audience response systems. The vast majority of lesson planning incorporates pupil activity and interaction, as this provides more of an enjoyable environment in comparison to other methods and techniques of teaching. Audience response systems could be easily integrated into class activities and ultimately provide pupils with more of an incentive to get involved with a particular topic.

Corporate Training

During corporate training, audience response provides trainees with an opportunity to stay engaged in what’s being taught, possibly through providing feedback or by answering questions displayed by the trainer themselves. You can negate the prospect of a tedious training atmosphere through improved audience interaction, similarly to that of an educational environment.

Market Research

A variety of industries, such as the retail industry, rely on market research to keep up to date with the latest developments in sales and customer interests, so it’s vital that market research can be carried out effectively and without any labouring effort.

What’s more, current market research techniques contribute towards inaccurate results that could easily be nullified by the introduction of audience response.

The usually time-consuming process could be made far easier through various meetings and audience gatherings that include audience response technology. Data could be collected quickly and efficiently, whilst results can be accessed almost instantaneously so that audience reactions can be analysed and acted upon.


Voting scenarios could be made much easier with the introduction of audience response systems. People could simply use the voting keypads provided to have their say in a vote, whilst their decision is rapidly sorted and added to a specific candidate party or individuals tally of votes. The results of the vote can then be easily sorted and accumulated without the potential for human error.

Game Shows

Audience response has been utilised throughout the history of TV quiz shows, with one of the most iconic examples being “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Game shows benefit from audience response as an added feature of a particular activity. In “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” the audience help the contestant through an “ask the audience lifeline”.


Many conference scenarios already benefit from the use of social media. Press conferences tend to be reported back to society through social media outlets such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Audience response systems can also contribute to conferences when questions are displayed or individual feedback is required. With instantaneous data collected, audience opinion can be sorted and analysed quickly and efficiently.

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