3 Essential Tips for Organising a Conference

Organising a conference efficiently is absolutely essential if you want to maintain that professionalism that is so important in today’s competitive commercial world. There are also numerous features that you need to include in your modern day conference in order to live up to or perhaps even exceed the expectations of your audience, such as the inclusion of Audience Response Systems and other forms of technology. Here are three important tips you must use when planning a conference…

Location – Make it Easily Accessible

An example of this would be having your conference within Zone 1 rather than branching out and making it more difficult for people to get to your event. Some people will be leaving work early or travelling at peak hours to make your conference, so keep it simple and base your conference somewhere where travel options are plentiful.

Cover the Tech Side Early

Technical glitches are the bane of any conference organiser as they disrupt timing and create a seemingly unprofessional depiction of your event. Make sure that you make the most of the help of tech experts, for instance our expert assistance here at CLiKAPAD regarding our clicker systems, or the venue themselves who can show you the ins-an-outs of their available tech options.

Share Progress Feedback and Info

Almost always neglected by so important if you’re planning on hosting another conference in future is the feedback you get form your audience. The day isn’t over when you stop talking or the demonstration comes to an end, so make sure you thank people for coming, hand over questionnaires to be filled out and ask questions during breaks or the after-party.

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